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Empowering Educators

Your Risk Management Journey Begins Here

Welcome to “I Love Social Work” – your haven for social work expertise, risk management, and education.

Our team of seasoned professionals have come together to create a comprehensive risk management curriculum, completely free of charge. We understand the critical role you play in shaping the future of social workers, and we’re here to empower you with the knowledge and resources you need to succeed.

Every day, you pour your heart and soul into shaping the social work leaders of tomorrow. You instill them with knowledge, discernment, and the essential tools needed to be unwavering professionals and tireless advocates for those who rely on them.

Now, it’s our turn to give back. We’re not just a source of risk management education and resources, but your steadfast allies committed to supporting your noble mission. Together, we’ll fortify the foundation upon which the future of social work stands.

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Risk Management Curriculum for Faculty & Field Placement Officers

Creating a Risk Management Curriculum for Faculty and Field Placement Officers has been a privilege. Our curriculum isn’t just theoretical; it’s born from real-world experience. Whether you’re an educator or a mentor, our resources are designed to be practical and up-to-date, ensuring you can integrate them seamlessly into your classroom.

You can access this invaluable curriculum through the NASW Assurance Services – IEVLC (Insurance Enterprise Virtual Learning Center). It’s as simple as creating an account and starting your journey towards better risk management. We eagerly await your feedback at asi@naswasi.org or learn@ievlc.com.

Your Roadmap to Risk Management Excellence and Support

Delve into the wealth of resources within our comprehensive risk management repository. Our collection is crafted with your educational needs in mind, offering practical, up-to-date materials that empower you and your students.

However, we understand that sometimes guidance and support are essential. That’s why our dedicated team is here for you. Should you ever require assistance or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re just an email away, ready to provide the expert insights and direction you need to navigate the complex risk management landscape.

Feel free to contact us anytime at asi@naswasi.org or learn@ievlc.com. Your success is our priority, and we’re committed to being your trusted partner on your journey.

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